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The ELBP (or PLP) is a Moodle plugin which allows students and staff to see at a glance all the relevant information about a student's academic progress, such as:

  • Attendance
  • Timetable
  • Register
  • Tutorials
  • Targets
  • Reports
  • Comments
  • etc...

 Personal Tutors, Course Tutors and the students themselves all have access to see all the information about the student's academic progress.


Personal Learning Plan Documents:

  File Modified
Microsoft Word Document PLP Staff User Guide.docx 14 Nov 2016 by Sophie Peachey
Microsoft Word Document PLP Student User Guide.docx 14 Nov 2016 by Sophie Peachey


Video Guides

Adding a Mentee

Adding a Comment

Adding a Tutorial

Setting up Email Alerts



How do I access my student's PLPs?

How do I get an overview of how all my students are doing?

What's with all the boxes? 


How do I access my students' PLPs?

From the home page of Moodle, scroll down to the Personal Learning Plan block and click the "My Students" link.

This will then open up the Dashboard page with 4 options:

- All Students

- Mentees

- Additional Support

- Courses

If you are a Personal Tutor, click the Mentees button to get a list of all your mentees.

If you are an Additional Support Tutor, click the Additional Support button to get a list of all your Additional Support students.

If you are a Course Tutor, click the Courses button to get a drop-down of your Moodle courses to choose from, and get a list of the students on that course.

Or alternatively if you click the "All Students" button it will give you a list of all mentees, additional support students and course students in one long list.

From that list of students, you can then click on a student's name to open up their PLP.



How do I get an overview of how all my students are doing?

When you go to the My Students page and open up a list of your students, you should notice you have various headings along the top, such as "Attendance", "Punctuality", "Target Grade", "Tutorials", etc...

This lets you see at a glance that overall information for each of your students.

Another way to look at overviews is if you choose the "Reports" link from the Personal Learning Plan block. This then allows you to choose a plugin to look at, e.g. Attendance & Punctuality, which will then provide you with a list of your students, with overview information for their Attendance & Punctuality.

This is not available for all of the PLP plugins.


What's with all the boxes?

Each plugin of the PLP is displayed as a box, with 2 different views.

The Summary View is the smaller view, which shows you overall information.

The Expanded View shows you the full information, and can be accessed by clicking on the title bar of the box.